Monday 17 March 2014

Dell Inspiron 1545 issues - bluetooth

Motivation, it really was one of those days - when the F word is just crawling into the air. 

The previous Thursday began with a lot of F-words since Wednesday when I ended successfully my work the Bluetooth died and my mouse stopped working. The mystery grew even more when I discovered that not only the module inside is malfunctioning, BUT also when I plug a USB mouse it does not work on any of the ports .... Mass storage worked ...

But keept digging and found this. YES the module was not integrated in the mother  board! I disabled it from BIOS everything worked as a charm. Update the BIOS too.

UPDATE: After some time I realized that the problem with the bluetooth module is permanent and that the contacts on it have to be cleaned up. After this it works (for now ...). Also I dissasebled the whole laptop and reasabled it again and it turns out that it had lots of dust and also the webcam had it's contacts pretty much badly bended - why I have no clue.