Tuesday 30 September 2014

iPad mini and iOS 8.0.2

Yesterday I tried upgrading the iOS version to 8.0.2 trough iTunes. After this my device was bricked. However the good thing is that recovering the device was quite simple. You can read the full instructions in the references. Or read my short version here: 

1. Get the firmware for the specific device. If in doubt and if you still keep the box - have a look I retrieved the exact model from there otherwise there is a Device ID you can probably look up.

2. Press the "home" and "power" buttons together for 10 seconds at which point you must release "power" but continue to hold "home". After about 15 seconds, the device will enter recovery mode.

If anything else is showing on the screen, such as the "connect to iTunes" logo, you got it wrong.

If  I have to compare it is much easier than flashing any Android device.

3. Stop all other services running that you won't need - virtualization software etc.

4. Hold down the shift key (on Windows) or the option key (on OSX) on your keyboard whilst clicking the "Restore" button in iTunes with your mouse. If you do this correctly, an Explorer or Finder window will pop up and allow you to navigate to the firmware