Saturday 6 June 2015

Why 10 bucks are worth more than 60$ (RX-WR150WH)

Update - 2 years later 2017/07/12: After some analysis I see that the router is a re-brand of TOTO Link router, but it did it's purpose - now it is gathering dust, Mikrotik's WIFI range coverage is just unbeatable by stability and bandwidth.

I bought a router RX-WR150WH for 10$ the brand is Serioux and is a Romania brand - which sells here in Bulgaria pretty cheap. Why would I possibly do this over a Linksys WRT54GL!? Well first it was quite old already and the second thing is it was quite huge which is a problem in the moment on my desk. And third I did not want to trash my WRT54GL experimenting on it.

Why I choose this router first:
1. It is very compact.
2. It has a lot of features for the money:
It even has NAT and a firewall.
3. The price.
4. Although it has nothing to do with Mikrotik it does a lot for 10$ compared to 60$. 
5. The speed:

6. Obviously a linux:
File Type: u-boot legacy uImage, zxrouter, Linux/MIPS, Standalone Program (Not compressed), 713440 bytes, Tue Apr 23 20:26:05 2013, Load Address: 0x80300000, Entry Point: 0x80300000, Header CRC: 0xD022E028, Data CRC: 0x3ED5B432

7.Try Exporting the configuration. You might want to have a look at the weak passwords and these: