Thursday 31 December 2015

Free Trainings - Linux, ITIL, CISSP etc.

I stumbled upon some very interesting resources on Internet on the holidays. The first offers a free training and certification from Linux Foundation:

About the course from Linux Foundation - it is very well organized and seems a strong fit for people who want to learn the basics in Linux, but not only. The material is mostly text which is pretty nice illustrated with examples and schemes the practical examples are also nice. You can test your knowledge even without the need of installing any Linux distribution. Videos are also informative and directly to the point. I can only recommend it.

The second resource is even more intriguing you can find here pretty much of everything from ITIL to CISSP. You get the training for FREE, Cybrary have a pretty nice point system which is called cybytes:

"Cybytes are a virtual currency exclusive to the Cybrary community. Cybytes are required for purchasing certificates of completion, course badges and site badges. You can buy Cybytes, or you can earn them, for free."

Which makes it even more interesting and community oriented. Also it is pretty nice to meet so many people with different experience on Cybrary. The guys at Cybrary have done a pretty nice job and obviously have put a great amount of work into this project.