Thursday 31 December 2015

URIX OS - or Linux as a Desktop

 We decided that it is time to move on from NetSecL OS and create something with a new identity since it is different from what NetSecL OS was. Still you can find v5 on our ftp server which includes penetration tools and GrSecurity. As you probably understood URIX OS is a general purpose OS and available now on: 

Installation instructions:

During the development we had a lot of positive experience with Linux as a desktop, many friends supported us with testing the OS on different hardware. 

Ever since the last version of NetSecL we started  moving towards USB flash drives. URIX is a USB based distribution. Clearly Linux has become more than just a server OS and it can provide a truly good experience for desktop users. Almost all vendors provide the needed firmware and also in some cases drivers that support the hardware you use. I wrote to and they allowed us to include their office in my work under their terms and conditions which was a very nice. The future planned works is to include other very well known software into the  distribution under what form - installer, free appstore we will leave this as surprise until it becomes reality.

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